At the Centre of Social Innovation in Agriculture (CISA), our mission is to study and conduct applied research projects in the field of social innovation, in order to develop results and solutions of practical relevance to society and the agriculture and agri-food industry that can be transferred to the private and public sector.

Social innovation, a lever for territorial development

We’re inspired by Camil Bouchard’s (1999) definition of social innovation: any new approach, practice or measure devised to improve a situation or solve a social problem, and that has been adopted by institutions, organizations or communities.

The CISA: strong, sustainable and socially relevant

The CISA is a research centre established at the Cégep de Victoriaville, in the Centre-du-Québec region where agriculture and the agri-food industry are an important part of our lifestyle and economy.

Today, several regional and international factors represent significant issues for stakeholders of Quebec’s agriculture and agri-food industry. Examples include: globalization and the offer of emerging countries, the concentration of the industries, energy and agri-environment preoccupations as well as concerns related to food sovereignty and farm succession. These challenges require increased awareness, the reconsideration of current practices and the development of innovative solutions.

For the CISA, these issues represent opportunities for new reflections and for creative analyses that lead to the development of solutions focused on immediate and pragmatic results.

The CISA was formed in June 2009 to support producers and the agricultural community in developing new practices that benefit the general public. The CISA is recognized as a College Center for the Transfer of Technology in the domain of Innovative Social Practices (CCTT-ISP) by Quebec’s Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports.

Today, the CISA is the only research centre in Quebec specialized in conducting research in the applied, social sciences sphere of agricultural sciences.