A team on a human scale

The Centre for Social Innovation in Agriculture (CISA) brings together a multidisciplinary team with complementary strengths in sociology, anthropology, agroforestry, agroeconomics, territorial development and the environment.

CISA in summary

A firmly rooted agricultural research centre

CISA is positioned as a hub for the agricultural and agri-food sectors in Quebec. Our mission is to conduct research projects aimed at transforming the major and complex issues of our clients into innovative solutions.

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Our research conclusions have a direct impact on citizens, farmers as well as on society, and the results are concrete and positive. It is thanks to a unique approach to social innovation that our projects bring together people from different walks of life, taking advantage of group intelligence through the co-construction of solutions, research, training, transfer of knowledge, and civic education.

Recognized by the ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche et de la Science as a college centre for technology transfer (CCTT) whose mission concerns innovative social practices (PSN), CISA is the only research centre in Quebec that conducts applied research in the agriculture and agri-food social field.

A firmly rooted agricultural research centre

Our History

Anchored in the tradition of the Cégep de Victoriaville, CISA embodies the establishment’s desire to become a benchmark in the organic world in Quebec.

It all started in 2008, during a time of great psychological distress for producers. A small team mandated by Cégep de Victoriaville then responded to a government call for tenders aimed at developing new research centres (known as college centres for technology transfer - CCTT). The government has adopted the Victoriaville project and its various avenues focusing on social innovations in the agri-food sector.

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Officially established in 2009, the Centre for Social Innovation in Agriculture (CISA) has become one of the first three centres of its kind in the college network in Quebec.

Over time, CISA has diversified its services to cover applied research, training, transfer of knowledge, technical assistance, and civic education. In 2018, it became an integral part of the National Institute of Organic Agriculture, which brings together teaching, research, and technology transfer activities in agriculture at Cégep de Victoriaville.

CISA’s know-how and activities have quickly spread beyond the borders of the region, allowing Cégep de Victoriaville to shine on the Quebec, national, and even North American scale.

Social Innovation:
Our engine

Social innovation is a new idea, approach, or intervention that responds more adequately and sustainably to a well-defined social need, in order to generate measurable benefits for the whole community.

Focused on creativity, social innovation is at the heart of CISA’s projects. By investigating and questioning our processes and our paradigms, it becomes possible to redefine them to take a new path that sometimes leads to unexpected results.

Working at CISA enriches a career

Being a research assistant at CISA during my studies in agriculture was a very rewarding experience. I had the chance to work on projects that closely affect several issues that directly concern agricultural succession and the future of agriculture. Through each of the research projects in which I participated, I was able to learn a lot and, above all, to move forward with questions and reflections that are essential to establishing lasting positive changes in agriculture. As a future next generation farmer, I felt that I could offer a different perspective that my colleagues knew how to appreciate. Finally, working within the CISA team allows many very interesting exchanges with researchers from several disciplines.

Ariane Roberge

While I was considering my new profession as a farmer compared to my previous professional career, my student job at CISA showed me that it was quite possible to reconcile these two facets of my identity. It was the springboard to a new career that began for me as an agricultural business manager, but also as a professional in social innovation.

Alexis Tanguay

My experience at CISA has been positive, rich, and inspiring. The projects on which I have worked are forward-looking and take into account the obstacles, but also the alternative levers available to us to achieve our common objectives. It is a privilege to work within an innovative team that knows how to acquire resources to match its ambitions. With the Salon des modes alternatifs d’établissement (SMAÉ), I was able to develop my involvement in the student community, in addition to forging strong ties with our partners and the many other CISA projects. I learn something new every day as our solidarity advances!

Noé Gaudet

Grow your career at CISA

Explore our job offers for a flourishing career in the field of social innovation in agriculture and agri-food in Victoriaville, Central Québec, and Montreal.

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A team on a
human scale

The Centre for Social Innovation in Agriculture (CISA) brings together a multidisciplinary team with complementary strengths in sociology, anthropology, agroforestry, agroeconomics, territorial development and the environment.

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The realization of CISA projects could not take place without the support provided by our teacher-researchers and our research assistants.


  • Martin Bernard
  • Geneviève Blais
  • Aude Fournier
  • Philippe Franck-Imbeault
  • Camille O'Byrne

Research assistants

  • Suetlana Bergeron
  • Augustine Charbonneau
  • Audréanne Dolbec
  • Flavie Gauthier-Chamard
  • Audrey-Ann Leblanc
  • Sarah-Laurence Morin
  • Ariane Roberge
  • Jacynthe Roy
  • Isabelle Touchette
  • Chloé Pelletier
  • Patrick Lajeunesse
  • Samuel Paquette
  • Florence Blais Thivierge
  • Anny Dumont
  • Justine Lafrenière
  • Colin Gilbert
  • Juliette Houde
  • Mélina Courtois
  • Guillaume Hamann-Legris